Science on target means just that. SJ Geophysics’ efforts are focused on getting our clients superior data to allow the best possible targeting from their models. In the field, we integrate time-tested geophysical methods with leading edge technology and customized approaches, supported by the latest and most sophisticated software programs for advanced interpreting and modelling.

Based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, we work around the globe; we are known for our unique ability to acquire data from difficult areas or terrain. We have a suite of survey techniques that enables us to provide an extremely broad spectrum of field acquisition services for all purposes. Our team is a unique blend of geophysicists, geologists, and engineers that not only gather data, but provide modelling and interpretation services. Our R&D department ensures we’re always on the leading edge.

SJ Geophysics is pleased to announce the introduction of its state-of-the art field acquisition technology. The Volterra system includes one of the world’s only small, lightweight, field-tested untethered data acquisition system. Each durable, weatherproof receiver has its own CPU and flash memory. Now, steep, variable, or other difficult terrain conditions no longer present a challenge.

Unfettered by heavy, long lengths of cable SJ can go where most other field equipment systems cannot be deployed. Survey arrays can be quickly changed to suit real-time conditions. Even different types of survey methodologies can be changed in the field – whether it is 3DIP, EM, MT, Gravity, or Magnetic. We’ll be providing more information and specifications shortly as we redo our website. In the meantime, for more information on Volterra or any of SJ’s services please contact Shawn Rastad or Syd Visser.